About Us

«V-Archive» is a project of International Genealogy Center (IGC), leader in the Russian market of genealogical research, family history, heraldry etc.

Our mission is to make family history research process much easier and smarter that it now is in Russia.

We combine involvement of Russia’s best experts from different regions and using smarter solutions for data analysis, document search, creation of family trees etc.

«V-Archive» works mainly as an e-commerce site: consumers place their orders, we find appropriate experts and offer best solutions.

We are pleased to work on orders from foreign clients, if they have any genealogical and family history interests concerning Russia.  Don’t hesitate to e-mail us in this case.

We are also open to international genealogical research projects which we consider an important part of our mission.  

Phone: +7 (499) 755-99-43+7 (929) 900-04-87
E-mail: hello@v-archive.ru